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Version: v1.5

HPA configuration

Kruise workloads, such as CloneSet, Advanced StatefulSet, UnitedDeployment, are all implemented scale subresource, which means they allow systems like HorizontalPodAutoscaler and PodDisruptionBudget interact with these resources.


Just set the CloneSet's type and name into scaleTargetRef:

apiVersion: autoscaling/v2beta2
kind: HorizontalPodAutoscaler
# ...
kind: CloneSet
name: your-cloneset-name

Note that:

  1. The HPA's namespace should be same as the namespace of your CloneSet.
  2. The apiVersion in scaleTargetRef should be same as the apiVersion in your workload resource, such as or It depends on which version you are using for those workloads that have multiple versions, such as Advanced StatefulSet.