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Game MatchMaking

Session-based games usually require matchmaking service, which allow players to find suitable teammates and opponents to form a match, and allocates suitable game server for the match. After thar, players can enter the game with address of the game server.

OKG supports the cloud-native game matching framework Open Match, and the kruise-game-open-match-director component is built based on that, which can allocates game servers addresses to players in matches.


  • OpenKruiseGame, Open Match and kruise-game-open-match-director need to be installed in the Kubernetes cluster.
  • The game servers managed by GameServerSet and to be matched needs to configure the Network field. For details, please refer to Network Documentation.
  • kruise-game-open-match-director will select a game server whose network is Ready and OpsState is None, obtain the corresponding network connection information, and distribute it to Tickets in a Match.
  • kruise-game-open-match-director marks the OpsState field to the allocated GameServer as Allocated. After that, the GameServer will not be allocated again, and the priority of horizontal scaling-down of the GS is low to avoid being easily deleted. For the specific scaling order of the game server, please refer to Game Servers Scale Document.
  • kruise-game-open-match-director For more functions, please refer to GitHub.
  • For more examples of OKG + Open Match, please refer to GitHub.