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What is Kruise Rollouts?​

Kruise Rollouts is a Bypass component that offers Advanced Progressive Delivery Features. Its support for canary, multi-batch, and A/B testing delivery modes can be helpful in achieving smooth and controlled rollouts of changes to your application, while its compatibility with Gateway API and various Ingress implementations makes it easier to integrate with your existing infrastructure. Overall, Kruise Rollouts is a valuable tool for Kubernetes users looking to optimize their deployment processes!


Key Features​

  • Rich release strategies

    • Multi-batch update strategy for Deployment, CloneSet, StatefulSet, Advanced StatefulSet, Advanced DaemonSet.
    • Canary update strategy for Deployment.
  • Rich traffic routing management strategies

    • Traffic fine-grained, weighted traffic shifting when updating workloads.
    • Traffic A/B Testing, traffic shifting based on HTTP Header&Cookie.
    • End-to-End canary deployment
  • Rich Traffic Protocol Supports

    • Ingress controller integration: NGINX, ALB, Higress.
    • Service Mesh integration via GatewayAPI.
    • Pluggable Lua scripts for easily extending to other Kubernetes traffic protocols (even CRD).

Demo Show​

There is a demo of multi-batch update strategy for Deployment.


Kruise Rollouts vs. Other Components​

Kruise Rollouts vs. Argo Rollout and Flux Flagger.

ComponentKruise RolloutsArgo RolloutsFlux Flagger
Core ConceptEnhance your existing workloadsReplace your workloadsmanage your workloads
ArchitectureBypassA new workload typeBypass
Plug and Play, Hot-SwappingYesNoNo
Release TypeMulti-Batch, Canary, A/B TestingMulti-Batch, Canary, Blue-Green, A/B TestingCanary, Blue-Green, A/B Testing
Workload TypeDeployment,StatefulSet,CloneSet,Advanced StatefulSet,Advanced DaemonSetAgro-RolloutDeployment. DaemonSet
Traffic TypeIngress, GatewayAPI, CRD (Need Lua Script)Ingress, GatewayAPI, APISIX, Traefik, SMI and moreIngress, GatewayAPI, APISIX, Traefik, SMI and more
Migration CostsNo need migrate your workloads and podsMust migrate your workloads and podsMust migrate your pods
HPA compatibleYesYesNo

What's Next​

Here are some recommended next steps: